GameWork project discussion at an international meeting

GameWork project discussion at an international meeting

The 4th partner meeting of the Erasmus+ international project "GameWork - Game-based Homework Environment" took place on 4-5 December 2023. It was organised by the Arsakeio Lyceum of Patra, Rio Patra, Greece. During these two days, representatives of the partner organisations discussed the results of the project, presented the institutional testing of the Playful Homework Environment with pupils and the feedback received from pupils and teachers, exchanged ideas and good practices in the implementation of the project, and discussed the activities to be followed in the project.

Vida Drąsutė, an international project manager with many years of experience in project coordination and implementation, is an associate partner in the eMundus project and shared good practices in the implementation of publicity activities in the project, as well as insights into the results and testing. This meeting was an excellent opportunity to present other ongoing projects (GATE, DigiFinEdu, UX@school, DigiCult, Steam-Active and others), especially those related to the Gamework project idea.

All participants had the unique opportunity to visit the STEAM Science Centre, which is equipped with a space for physics, mathematics and computer science experiments. The project partners were involved in several of them themselves. A project dedicated to integrating STEAM into schools and education through hands-on laboratory experiments. During the visit, the partners gained insights into the implementation of this project and identified several effective practices that could be beneficially incorporated into their organizations. Students from the Lyceum of Patras Arsakeios, but also from schools all over Greece and from foreign countries with which the Lyceum cooperates, come to the centre. In the experiments, the answers to the questions are not given, but are up to the participants to discover them.

The project is coming to an end, with a couple of months to go, so the next major activity is the publicity of the project results. Kaunas Juozo Grušas Art Gymnasium, as an official partner of the project, will soon invite teachers and other stakeholders in their schools to a conference where we will share our international experience and present the results of the project in detail.

The aim of GameWork is to create an online gamified environment to overcome this challenge (digitisation of learning materials and tasks, gamification), while maintaining the motivational mechanics of the games, so as to make students more engaged in their homework and thus improve their learning outcomes.

The GameWork project aims to motivate students to do their homework and to reduce students' reluctance to do homework by creating a gamified homework environment using gamification techniques to get students interested in doing their homework.

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