DIGICULT: Strategy Paper is now available!

DIGICULT: Strategy Paper is now available!

We are glad to inform you that the Strategy Paper "Digital cultural heritage: an innovative curriculum", the first result of the Erasmus+ project DIGICULT is now available on the project’s website!

The Strategy Paper consists of a collection of all the analyses carried out by all project partners in their countries, which collected a variety of data on the vocational education systems, the teaching of cultural heritage, and the use of digital technologies in promoting the latter by the young learners. The researches are wide-ranging and look in detail at these issues through the simultaneous adoption of primary and secondary research practices. In fact, the Strategy Paper contains a collection of

(a) Desk Researches

(b) Survey analyses

(c) Interviews

(d) Focus groups

The goal of this document is twofold. From one side, it will assist all project partners in the development of the second project result (the DIGICULT e-learning pathway). On the other hand, it will also serve as a point of reference for all those who need to get in touch with an updated, international and comprehensive strategy in the sector.
We are very proud of the work done by the whole partnership, which has dedicated itself with great commitment and passion to completing this first step.

Strategy Paper in all partners languages in project website: www.digiculterasmus.eu