Improving the Pedagogical and ICT skills of Pre-School Teachers and Educators in the Digital Era (PreEdTech)

Improving the Pedagogical and ICT skills of Pre-School Teachers and Educators in the Digital Era (PreEdTech)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, teachers made an effort to maintain the interest of their pupils and relevance of their classes. While teachers of primary, secondary and high school found a functional approach relatively soon, pre-primary teachers were constrained by the lack of available technology, by their pupil’s age-related communication and interaction issues, a constant need for the parent’s help, the absence of digital skills, and the unsuitable pedagogical doctrines to the context of online learning.

The range of responses of the Educational institutions to the COVID19 partly depended on the resources available in a community, and created gaps in accessing the quality of education around the world. Keeping in mind that digital learning is a new concept in the teaching process, with different dynamic of the lessons, and that the teachers’ previous experience is almost non-existent in the field, it's crucial to adapt the structure, the content, and the cursivity of the lessons.

Project period: 01.12.2021 – 30.11.2023

Project No.: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-SCH-000027894

Erasmus+ program: KA220 – Cooperation partnerships in school education

Target groups: Pre-primary teachers, pupils, parents, caregivers.

Stakeholders: Kindergartens, education experts, teachers.


Project aim

The PreEdTech project main aim is to provide pre-primary teachers and educators with the means of adapting their activities to the online environment:  availability of materials, tools, guides and general resources. The other objective include the parents and their implication in the teaching-learning process; they are pivotal in reaching, communicating with and involving pre-school children in activities.


  • Strengthen the professional profile of preschool teachers.

  • Improve the competences of kindergarten teachers on digital education in the field of school education.

  • Increase the access to quality education for kindergarten children.



PR1:  Teaching in the Digital Era Guide

The Guide will be divided into three sections:

  1. the technical aspects of online teaching

  2. the pedagogical approach, providing technical and pedagogical hints, tips and tricks necessary for developing a suitable teaching process for the current context.

  3. the third section provides the means for parents to assist and intervene whenever the teacher or student needs innovative guidance on distance learning.


PR2: Teaching in the Digital Era Course

It is a guide-type handbook for teachers and parents, with the training session starting from the main fields of study taught in preschool: Mathematics, Environmental Education, Language and Communication and English.


PR3: Online Interactive Annual Plan Handbook

It offers to the teachers a  ready-made collection of one year activity resources, with the aim to open preschool teachers to the use of new technologies and online educational resources in their classes.


Project partners:

1. VsI "eMundus" (Lithuania)

2.  Scoala Primara EuroEd (Romania)

3. Anafartalar Ilkokulu (Turkey)

4. Connectis Web Application Technology (Italy)

5. Pixel Educational and Training Institution (Italy)

6. Xano channel (Spain)

7. Grădiniţa PP “Sf. Sava”  (Romania)

8. Kauno Mokykla Darželis Šviesa (Lithuania)

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