Erasmus+ KA2 Strategical partnerships (VET): InCounselling50+

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategical partnerships (VET): InCounselling50+

The InCounselling50+ (Innovative Counselling to Promote the Participation of People 50+ in the Labour Market and Societal life).

Project aims at developing, piloting and implementing a holistic and scientifically based concept for innovative career counselling and guidance. Its main target groups are HR practitioners (human resource managers) from companies and career counsellors. The actual group of end-users who will indirectly benefit from the project and its outcomes are
people aged 50+.

Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategical Partenrships for Innovations

Project period: 01 09 2016 - 31 08 2019

The project will bring up the following products and outputs:

  • Literature review and needs analysis
  • Training concept, training manual, resource package and web portal
  • Face-to-face trainings
  • Self-directed online courses

The InCounselling50+ project will establish new strategic partnerships and cooperation between Higher Education (HE), companies and Public Employment Services (PES) that will ensure a high quality level in counselling. As an increasing number of Universities offer special services for older people like Third Age Universities, and companies need concepts to maintain the knowledge and skills of their employees 50+ or lifelong learning, both sides can profit from each other. Within InCounselling50+ seven partners from four countries – HE institutions and companies from Germany, Poland and Croatia as well as an IT and eLearning specialist from Lithuania– promote an active exchange of experiences and good practices between HE, companies and PES on a European level to ensure that the challenges of people aged 50+ get addressed adequately.

Due to its heterogeneous nature the indirect target group of persons aged 50+ has varied needs. Job seekers 50+ are interested in finding their way back to the labour market, employees 50+ as well as employees in transition profit from company concepts which offer competence development or flexible working conditions. With respect to the stated diversity InCounselling50+ will provide a concept to identify the needs of the individual person and that is open for different perspectives.

Project partners:

Project reference: 2016-1-DE02-KA202-003399

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